Tech@home is our in-home or on the phone service product for baby-boomers. If you live in Brunswick County, NC, Tech@home makes house calls! We are your in-home and on the phone support for MAC or Windows computers, iPads, iPhones, printers and networks. We also provide in-home training for those who want or need one-on-one assistance setting up new computers or learning programs on their computers.

We are not hardware specialists and refer you to other resources if we believe you have a hardware issue and we can’t repair it. You may have an item under warranty with the manufacturer but not feel comfortable talking to their online techs. We can talk to the online techs on your behalf to help you through these situations. Often these well-meaning techs use terms that you may be unfamiliar with or will ask you to perform a task you feel unprepared for. They may ask to take over your computer.

What makes AppTech Training, LLC different from other in-home service companies?

  • We are independent business people in business to help you, our neighbors.
  • We typically do not have a travel charge.
  • If we can’t help you, we’ll offer suggestions on who can.
  • We aren’t afraid to make mistakes – that’s how we learn.
  • We do not sell your data to anyone – period.
  • If we have to learn how to do something – it’s on our time, not your dime.

Tech@home™ Service

There are two methods of engaging Tech@home services:

senior getting trained on tablet

1. Hourly Rate – $70/hour

Our current customary consulting fee is $70 per hour, billed to the closest half hour and with a 30-minute minimum.To request service, please contact us

2. Annual Subscription Plan – $125.00/year

This plan includes the first hour of our initial on-site visit to your home or if you are out of our home service area, on our visit by phone. After the first visit, subscribers receive a discounted rate of $50/hour for in-home visits, billed to the closest quarter hour.
Additionally, as long as your subscription doesn’t lapse, your annual subscription price, as well as your hourly rate, will not change.

Subscribers also receive:

  • Complimentary text or email support for the subscription year
  • Access to our newsletters, alerts, FAQs and video tutorials
  • Discounts on AppTech Training workshops

To subscribe to Tech@home Services, create an account and add Tech@home services to your shopping cart.

Renewing your Tech@home Subscription? If you received a renewal notice, click the button below that corresponds with the renewal notice you received.  Your subscription renewal includes – 

An hour of in-home services included in your renewal
For as long as you keep your subscription services intact, your price will never change
Your plan includes access to our monthly newsletter and subscriber alerts
Your plan includes complimentary phone, text or email technology assistance

Discounts on AppTech Training workshops – Typically up to 40% off the usual rate


Terms & Conditions:

AppTech Training’s Tech@home service is a consulting company that performs work for individuals who are generally over the age of 50. Our first rule is to do no harm. Therefore, there may be times where we recommend that someone else work on a technology problem. Our promise is that we will always do our best to improve situations. If we can’t improve the situation, the call is “on us.”Subscribers to Tech@home services will not have price increases to their annual subscription price or the hourly rate for services as long as their subscription are intact. If subscriptions lapse, they can be renewed at the current rates. Subscriptions end on the last day of the month in which their service started, one year after service started. Subscribers will be notified at least 30 days prior to the end of their subscription. If subscribers do not renew their subscriptions, a new subscription and hour rate may be apply.