iCollege™ Workshops

Welcome to iCollege! Mr. Franklin summed up our philosophy in one memorable quote. Our goal is simply that when you leave
an iCollege workshop you will have learned what you wanted to learn and discovered so much more about how your devices
work and how to use them more effectively!

So many people have told us that they ‘don’t know what they don’t know.’ That is so true when it comes to technology. Why
in the world would anyone expect you to know how to use your mobile devices if there is no one to guide you through all
the steps? Why did they do away with instruction manuals anyway? Truth is, manuals exist, online.  But they can only
help us some of the time – and are not much help when something goes wrong.

iCollege workshops are for us – the baby-boomer and pre-boomer generations. We teach you specifically how to use your iOS
Apple Mobile Devices, MAC and Windows computers, home networks, printers and much more. You’ll learn more about taking
photos, editing them, creating albums, using calendar, contacts and much more! You’ll leave our workshops knowing so
much more or we will refund your tuition if you’re not happy!

iCollege courses are taught in small group environments of 10 or fewer students. Smaller class sizes gives students more
time to ask questions and interact with the instructor.  It gives you the opportunity to learn what you signed up for
and to learn more from the group.  These are hands-on workshops.  As we show and tell you what we are doing, you’ll do
the same function on your own device. By watching, asking questions and doing the actions, you will learn faster and
retain more.

Workshops typically last two hours but often go longer in order to answer questions. All workshops are economically priced
at $40 per participant. Tech@home subscribers receive a $15 discount. To register for a workshop, please email Chris at help@AppTechTraining.com or text / call him at 757-535-3236. OR – sign up and pay for the course using the buttons below.   Click on Buy Now and it will take you to a PayPal page.  If you don’t have a PayPal account, just select Pay with Debit or Credit Card.  Then enter in your information.  If you have a PayPal account, you will be directed to login.  If you are a Tech@home subscriber, the cost is $25/course. If you are not a Tech@home subscriber, the cost is $40/course.

Workshops currently available for registration include – (see workshop descriptions below the chart)

Name of Workshop





Workshop 103 – Turning photos and videos into memories on iPhone & iPad

See workshop description below

March 16

St James Community Center

2p to 4p


Workshop 106 – iOS 11 for Intermediates and Advanced Users

See course description below

Feb 20

Mar 7

St James Community Center

Feb 20 – 9a to 11a

Mar 7 – 1p to 3p


Workshop 107 – iOS 11 for Beginners on iPhone / iPad

See course description below

Feb 27

Mar 21

St James Community Center

900a to 1100a


Workshop 100 – Using Windows 10 more effectively

Sometimes your user settings may be changed after updates or printers and other devices may need tweaking. In this workshop we will dive into learning how to make Windows 10 work you so that you can use it to manage your applications and settings.  You will learn how to store and transfer information, make quick fixes and use with Apple’s iTune or Google’s Playstore.  This is definitely a great workshop for those who want to understand how to use their Windows 10 computers with less frustration.

Workshop 101 – iMovie

This is an advanced level course for turning your photos & videos into productions like Movies or Movie Trailers.  You’ll learn how to add your Photos & Videos together with Music, Titles and Sound Effects that can memorialize summers with the grandkids, birthday celebrations and much more!  This two hour workshop is limited to 4 people per class.  To participate you need to have an iPhone/iPad and/or Apple laptop or iMac and have a working knowledge of how to put photos into albums.  You also need to have the latest iOS on your mobile devices.  iMovie is an Apple Mobile app and and Apple Mac app.

Workshop 102 – Buying and Using Apps & Other Content in iTunes & The App Store

One of the most enjoyable features of the iPad and iPhone is using them to play games, streaming music and videos, read books or listen to audio-books. The iTunes and App Store functions are easy to use when you know how to use them or intimidating if you don’t know how.  Don’t worry!  You’ll know how to identify what you want and how to use it. There are more than 1,500,000 apps in the App Store. How do you select the ones that are right for you?  What does “in-app purchases mean?” How much space does an app take up on your device? What permissions are do apps request and should you give apps permissions to access your contacts or other information? How do you send apps back to your cloud? We will also cover how to gift iTunes cards and how to redeem gift cards when you receive one. By the end of this workshop you will be able to use the App Store and iTunes Store effectively for purchasing apps, music, books, movies and other content. You will understand how to change settings for your apps and what permissions to grant them. You will know how to add a gift card into your iTunes account and how to purchase and give iTunes gift cards.

Workshop 103 – Photos & Videos – Using Your Camera and Editing Apps and Creating Albums and Slideshows

Taking photos or videos is easily one of the most enjoyable things to do with your iPhone or iPad device! By the end of this
course you will know how to use the amazing editing features to make your photos and videos come alive! We will cover how
to lock the focus, adjust the light, take a panorama picture and trim a video. You’ll learn how to share your images in four
different formats – mail, message, Airdrop and iCloud photo sharing. There is an art to taking photos and videos with your
iPhone or iPad. Learn how to organize photos and videos into albums, set up a slideshow and share them with your family and
friends. We will also cover how iCloud Photo Library and iCloud Photo Sharing work to store, show and share your favorite

Workshop 104 – Special Features – Using AirPrint, AirDrop, Hotspots & Family Sharing

In this workshop these four fantastic functions that perform very specific functions shall be reviewed. We will discuss what they are, how to set them up and how to use them. The four functions include AirPrint, AirDrop, Hotspots and Family Sharing. You can print from your iPhone and iPad, send content to other nearby Apple users with AirDrop, use your iPhone as a hotspot and set up a Family Share plan! AirDrop is a technology that allows you to share content with other Apple device users without using wi-fi or cellular networks. Using your iPhone as a hotspot turns it into a wireless router for your wi-fi only iPad or computer. Learn how the iCloud Family Sharing program works and how to get your Family network started. By the end of this workshop you’ll understand how each of these functions can make using your devices more convenient and economical and make your time more productive.

Workshop 105 – Transition from Windows Laptops to iPads – Yes, if you want to stop using a Windows computer and convert over to the Apple iPad, this class is for you!  You can do everything with an iPad that you can do with your old, clunky, slow and expensive Windows computer.   You just need someone to show you how!  If you are thinking about buying a new Windows computer and you already have an iPad or may buy an iPad, this class is for you!  If you just started using an iPad, this workshop has your name on it!  You will learn how to use the features of the iPad and how they can simplify your technology needs.

Workshop 106 – iOS 11 for Intermediate Users – Whether you’ve been using iPads or iPhones for several months or years, in this workshop you’ll learn how to use them more effectively and with less frustration!  This workshop will go through the latest Operating System, currently iOS 11, and how to use the cloud, basic apps and more.  You’ll learn things your kids and grandkids don’t even know how to do.  This is a fast moving, higher level workshop.  Beginners should take Workshop 107.  Some items covered include:

  • SIRI – What can Siri do for you? How does Siri work? Why doesn’t Siri work?
  • How to use Siri, Dictation and Predictive Spelling
  • Home Screen Organization – Organize by creating folders
  • iCloud & iCloud Drive
  • Shortcuts – How to get things done – quicker, and with fewer mistakes
  • Fixing Problems – How to reset your device, unfreeze screens, improve your battery life and get more done in less time
    with fewer frustrations.
  • We will also cover how to use Messaging, Contacts and Emails more efficiently

Workshop 107 – iOS 11 for Beginners on iPhone/iPad – This is a companion course to Workshop 106 and focuses on the iPhone and iPad’s Operating System (iOS.)  If you want to learn how to make better use of your iPhone, how to get it to synch with your other devices and how to download useful apps and make changes to your settings, this is a great workshop for you.  Some functions and items include:

  • Buttons, Controls, Display icons and what their functions
  • Apple Gestures (swiping, pinching, tapping and more)
  • Calendar / Contacts / Notes / iTunes & App Store