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Welcome to AppTech

We are your trusted advocate, facilitator and navigator in using and understanding
the technologies that impact your life.

Who we are

Frustrated and flabbergasted with today’s technology? You aren’t alone! If you’re a baby-boomer chances are you may feel a little helpless with today’s technology. Sometimes you may not know how to describe the problem or what to call something if you want to ask a question.

We think you just haven’t found the right help support, until now!

Welcome to AppTech Training, LLC. A company developed by baby-boomers for baby-boomers! We understand you and your need to know more about how your technology works!

Why are we different from other help resources?

  • We are baby-boomers and understand your world and needs
  • We know how to teach you the information in a way you will get it
  • We teach you how to make changes yourself
  • We respect you and won’t talk down to you


  • BR

    iCollege Student

    "At my age, I just don't take easily to the technical. Even "IPad for Dummies" made my eyes cross. Chris Nicholas has a gift, two gifts really. He has an incredible expertise and comfort with all things technical and a true gift for teaching. If this were a course, I'd be getting an A."
    - BR


Our Philosophy

AppTech Training, LLC is in the business of increasing your comfort and use of technology by helping you make your technologies work the way you expect them to work. Our people have the patience, experience and passion to help that you are looking for in a service company.

Others may have said that you’ll never “get it.” We don’t believe that. We believe that given the right training environment and techniques, you’ll soon be teaching your kids and grandkids and a few things about technology that they didn’t know!

The foundation for our success is that we:

  • Treat you and your concerns with respect
  • Make time to understand your questions
  • Provide contextual answers for you by using analogies you’ll understand

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Our Services

We are here to help!

iCollege AppTech Training presents iCollege
Technology Training
for Baby-Boomers

You want to use your mobile devices and today’s technology more effectively but you are tired of asking your children or grandchildren,
how do I …? You’ve tried reading “How To” books. You want to be ask questions and get answers you’ll understand and can put into use immediately!

iCollege was designed for baby-boomers by a baby-boomer! We understand how you learn. And we’ll also help you with all the unknown unknown things you will want to know more about using.

iCollege is designed for the way baby-boomers learn. Small groups and comfortable locations. These are live, hands-on classes where you get your questions answered.

Each workshop focuses on specific topics. Watch and listen as the instructor discusses and then demonstrates how the functions work. Then perform those functions yourself on your own device!

iCollege is taught in small group classes where the instructor demonstrates the “how to” and explains it. The outcome – you learn and retain more!

iCollege is taught in small group classes where the instructor demonstrates the “how to” and explains it. The outcome – you learn and retain more!

For more information on the next iCollege workshop, contact Chris Nicholas. help@apptechtraining.com

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Tech@home is our
in-home technology services program

Tech@home – Our in-home technology services program for baby-boomers residing in Brunswick County, NC.

Tech@home is an in-home service for baby-boomers. If you live in Brunswick County, NC, Tech@home makes house calls! We are your in-home and on the phone support for MAC or Windows computers, iPads, iPhones, printers and networks. We also provide in-home training for those who want or need one-on-one assistance.

You may have an item under warranty with the manufacturer but not feel comfortable talking to their online techs. We can talk to the online techs on your behalf to help you through these situations. Often these well-meaning techs use terms that you may be unfamiliar with or will ask you to perform a task you feel unprepared for. They may ask to take over your computer.

What makes AppTech Training, LLC different from other in-home service companies?

  • We are an independent business service in business to help you. I am a baby-boomer myself. I strive to understand your questions and answer them in terms that we both understand.
  • We typically do not have a travel charge.
  • If we can’t help you, we’ll offer suggestions on who can.
  • We aren’t afraid to make mistakes – that’s how we learn.
  • We do not sell your data to anyone – period.
  • If we have to learn how to do something – it’s on our time, not your dime.
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